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Amazing Features

Enjoy Docent Tour's Amazing Features!

Docent's Recommended
Travel Course

Stop running around trying to find information about your destination!
Docents, the local travel experts, have prepared a variety of special courses just for you.

Plan a Travel Schedule of
your very own

Choose tourist attractions, lodgings, restaurants, shopping, etc. and plan a travel schedule just the way you like it!

Information on getting from
the airport to the city

Find yourself in an unfamiliar airport and can't find your way to the hotel?
Docent Tour will show you the best way to get from the airport to the hotel.

Recommendation of local must-eats

Docent Tour provides easily understandable names, photos, explanations, and even prices for everything on the menu from the main dishes to dessert!

Street View Support

No more wandering around in alleys! Docent Tour provides detailed directions in Street View format.

Find out where your pictures were taken

Docent Tour uses recorded GPS information to tell you exactly where your pictures were taken.
Now, you can share your travel records on Facebook.

Amazing Features

What's New

Benefits of choosing Docent Tour

We have thoroughly investigated discomforts experienced during overseas travel in order to provide travelers with the most thoughtful and trustworthy travel information possible.

  • Reliable
    Information you can trust from professional travel experts with over 20 years
    of local travel guide experience
  • Required
    We methodically deduce travel information that users want by interviewing overseas travellers and analyzing travel scenarios
  • Recent
    Our local travel guides are updated monthly with the newest travel information 
  • Reflective
    We meticulously find out and provide you with thoughtful travel information
    necessary for travel

Blow away all your inconveniences duirng your travels!

Docent Tour was created by travel professionals and UX experts of the highest standards.
We gather travel information from experienced local travel professionals and work with UX experts to produce and provide the information in user-friendly format.
Now, blow away all your inconveniences during your travels with the trustworthiest, most thoughtful, and latest information!


About Docent

It's Awesome

Another way to enjoy Docent Tour!

Your Data in Cloud

Travel information and schedules are automatically backed up on the Cloud So relax and enjoy Docent Tour anytime and anywhere.

Tour Mileage

Level UP while using the application based on the actual travel distance!
Got any unused airline mileage lying around? Docent supports payments with mileage.

Docent Quick Update

Experiences the latest updates every month from professionals of each travel destination!


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